The TV CV has been around for a long time and has gone through many iterations. It started out as a notepad file that was a list of every show I could think of where I’d seen every episode. Then at some point I added ratings. Then I started putting reviews on Tumblr. Then I made an email list. Now everything will live here.

Now that this list isn’t necessarily shows I’ve seen all of, I try to include how much of it I’ve seen. I also try to tag things by where you can watch them, in case you’re a cord-cutter. That kind of information is subject to change (for example, Netflix picked up both Longmire and Black Mirror to make more episodes after I thought they were both cancelled by their original networks). With the exception of fixing some import bugs when I moved them from Tumblr to WordPress, I didn’t edit the reviews after the fact, and I won’t. They were reviewed at some point in time, and the information was as accurate as I could make it then. I hope to post a lot more here now that I bought a proper domain name and whatnot and keeping all of these things current would drive me insane.